Sunday, 13 December 2015

Snowflake Blues

Sunday, 13 December 2015
Wow, time's running. It's already the third advent and I still don't feel quite christmassy. Today I wanted to do something special, since winter and Christmas are knocking at our doors.
To be honest, I'm quite a summer girl. I'm more active and outgoing in the warmer seasons, I can do more of my sports and I am outside practically all the time. In winter I'd rather read, write or sleep, and stay inside, huddled into a blanket, a cup of hot tea in my hands.
But since I want to stay motivated for winter, I thought I'd make a checklist about what to love about this season.
Here we go:

I Tea - I bloody love tea. In summer I barely drink it, since it's too hot outside, but in winter I always have a good nice cup of tea next to me. I also love to play around with various flavours, like mixing two different tea bags and create an entirely new one. Here in Germany, we have a tea called Hüttentraum and I love to mix it with Cherry-Banana tea. It's just so tasty! Also, I don't know if it's available everywhere out there but go try out Caramell Applepie as well!

 my mobile pictures are getting worse and worse. Can't wait for my new camera

II Oranges - I enjoy fruits so so much, and since some of them are just available (and tasty) during several seasons, it's always something I look forward to. As for oranges, they are not only incredibly tasty but they also smell really really good. You can either dry them or pierce them with cloves and create pomander balls.

now just shoo, onto the heater, so they smell even better <3

also, I tried out Zoella's Dried Oranges and although they're not ready yet, our kitchen smells really, really christmassy. And hooray for my first try!

III Snow - as long as I'm warm and comfy. Although it's horrible to go out to work in the dark and come back home in the dark. Still I love snowball fights with friends ans ice skating. Furthermore, snow on trees is one of the prettiest things ever!

picture by tuckamoorwildcrafts

IV Skiing - Although I don't know yet. The first time I went skiing was a disaster but with proper training I might be able to love it. And since this is also a thing you only/ mainly do in winter, it'll be something I look forward to during other seasons. So hopefully I'll be able to learn it this winter.

Books - A good book is for every season, isn't it? As for me, I'm currently reading a bunch of Sherlock Holmes stories, so I can improve my English and just because I love them. I first read them while being in England a few years ago (also in winter) and it kinda became a winter thing. Also I'm currently reading The Passage by Justin Cronin, a really dark post-apocalyptic novel.

VI Sweaters - do I really have to say more? Oversized sweaters in winter are live. I recently bought one (the last one in the shop, I might add) and I bloody love it. It is indeed too sad, that summer's too warm for sweaters. And note that I'm a summer girl.

VII Blankets - especially when it's dark and snowing or raining and you can just wrap a blanket around yourself, drink a tea and read or write.

VIII Comfortableness - as in with friends or your family. It's great to take a break and relax and just talk or watch movies/ TV-shows. For me, it gets boring during summer but in winter I have no guilt when doing nothing whatsoever.

IX Gingerbread - not everyone enjoys sweets (I'd actually choose fruits over sweets) but the specialities in winter are meant to be loved and cherished. Oh, wait, I might add that the Gingerbread I'm talking about is a thing made in Germany. It's called Herzen, Sterne, Brezeln and I seriously can't get enough of it.

X Baking - since I enjoy sweets in winter I might also add that baking together with friends and family is so much fun - and a winter thing, at least for me. I also have to note that not only making but also eating pastries is fun. Last week, I went into a chocolate café, a small place in my town, where I could choose between different sorts of chocolate for my Hot Chocolate and ate a chocolate cake with a liquid heart. Heaven!

Well, that's it. Ten things I love about winter and can't have in summer. I never put so much thought into this season before and I might start to cherish it more than I used to.

off out,
Lu Ann

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  1. wonderful list!! and the oranges <3 love that you mentioned our favorite tea. xx

    Hannie Arden from Missing Wanderer.