Thursday, 7 January 2016

wanderlust: for the first time in the clouds

Thursday, 7 January 2016
~Wanderlust, is a series where I post about my trips and places I want to visit one day. Plus it's my key to ease my wanderlust.

2015 has been a year full of trips. My summer started off in Rügen, followed by our camping trip to the Netherlands, and continued with a trip to my yearly summer camp, only to end in Kos, Greece.
We started around 2 am because our flight took off at 6 and we had to drive to the airport first. I barely got any sleep since it happened to be my first flight. And it was amazing! I had a window seat and couldn't stop to look out of the window.

Our take off felt like the start of a lift to me but once it was over I was mesmerised by the sky, the clouds and how small the islands looked from up there. It really was an experience to me.
Once we landed we took a bus to our hotel and had the chance to get a first glance at the island.

This is Kos, it's about 287.2 km² and I really loved it's vegetation (which is really different from the vegetation in Germany) and beaches. I saw a lot of abandoned houses, I would've loved to explore, and even more crooked, sandy paths winding around the hills and across the island. It really made me curious.

Arriving in our hotel (Pyli Bay) we quickly realised it was a small but pretty one, and for a simple girl like me, it was luxurious. I know it "only" had three stars but hey, it had two pools, wi-fi, cosy beds, an old tv, a balcony and a ventilator I'd have melted without this one tbf
It was around 300 m away from Marmari Beach, where we spent the first day, mostly reading in the shadow of a tree or swimming even though the water was surprisingly hot and salty
The sea was really pretty at night as well, just as I've seen before in Rügen. This time I tried to take a picture but my camera quality was absolutely rubbish...
But since I'm not the kind of traveller who's just lurking around and tries to get tanned but a curious and adventurous one, we decided to rent a quad bike and explore the island further.

That was our vehicle and it was so so so much fun to drive it myself! It was my first time driving something like this as I only had my driver's license for half a year back then and it was quite hard to steer.

It was a really long trip. We started in Marmari, drove through Tigaki and aimed for Kefalos. We happened to end up in Zia and on our way back we've also been at the highest point in Kos and had a wonderful look all over the island.
We also stopped at a Salt Lake (1st picture) and continued to take all the small, crooked paths I saw when we arrived first. I really wish I would've taken more pictures because the environment was so beautiful.
In the end we stopped at another beach, close to Paradise Beach, and it apparently was a really good place to go snorkelling.
the water was so clear!
This was the beach, and the "road" on the right was the way down - and up! I still can't believe our quad bike made it the way back up.

After coming back to the hotel my Dad allowed me to take the quad bike for a ride on my own and I drove on small roads in the direction of Kos City and ended up in Lambi. While I was heading back I also saw refugees, sitting on mattresses and cardboards and it felt quite weird to be on a holiday while other people had to leave their homes because of a war.

Regardless, I enjoyed my holiday, but it made it clear to me once again, how lucky I am to live here. How lucky we all are, to have enough food, a house and no war. And what a luxury it is to have internet and to be able to blog about this!

The rest of our time we spent trying out Greek food and enjoying the sun and the sea a last time. Here are some more pictures I took at the beach, in a restaurant and of course on our flight back home.

off out,
Lu Ann

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